EMT Basic


ProvidesAdvanced Life Supportincludingmedicalevaluation,treatment andstabilizationof the criticallyillandinjured; responds toemergencyrescuesituationsinvolving potential loss of life or bodily injury;maintainscontrol, manages and directs patient care at thesceneof a pre-hospital emergency; provides training andinstructiontolessertrained personnel; performs other dutiesasrequired.


Providesanddirectsfast, efficient AdvancedLifeSupportto the illandinjured utilizingall basic and advanced abilities andtechniques,includingbut not limitedto the placement of peripheral andintra-osseouslines, supra-glottic airways, endotrachealintubations, fluid and drug therapy, and AED useincludingdefibrillation;

Recognizesandunderstandsa medical emergency and makes reasonable and acceptabledifferential diagnosis;

Performscritical physical examinations;

Understands and anticipates thepharmacologicaltreatment of critically ill and injuredpatients;

Understandsandanticipatespotentially life-threatening presentation ofnon-cardiacemergenciesand institutes appropriate emergency therapy where essential forthepreservation oflife;

Dealswith medical and emotionalneeds of any victim of acuteillnessor injurywiththegoal of reducingmortalityand morbidity;

Responsible formanaging anddirectingallfirstresponders at the scene of a medical emergency such asEM R' s,Police Departments,and EMT's;

Responsiblefor qualitypatient-careas established by the Company;

Files standardizedreportsof patientinformationandcarefor theuse ofreceiving hospitaland administration, including nature of request for aid, pertinent past history,therapyprovided diagnosis, disposition and sufficientpatientinformation forbilling purposes;

Maintains effective communication with physician on duty athospitalto relatepatientcondition and obtain orders fortreatment;

Followsstandard writtenprotocols when a physician cannotbecontacted;

Transportstheillandinjured toinstitutions ofmedical care;

Operatesemergency vehiclesina safemannerunderall conditions;


Properlycompletes patient statistics and medicalinformationforms foradministrative use;

Performstechnical rescues inremovingvictimsfromvariedterrainandcircumstances; and,

Followsstandard operating policies and procedures as developed and directedby theCompany.


Cleans and maintains (minor maintenance)vehicles;

Cleans and maintains living quarters;

Maintains recordsof vehicles, supplies,training and dailywork;and,

Performs otherrelatedduties asassigned.


Thesupervisormakes assignments in terms ofshiftstobe worked andthe generalscope ofthework assignment. The incumbentperformstheworkinaccordance withthe procedures, policies and medicalordersprovided. Theincumbentmustexercisejudgmentinapplying the proper guideline to the propersituation. Thework isspot checked and evaluatedon the basis of feedbackfrom the patient, medicalstaff andothers.


Must possessandmaintain:

AEMT or EMT-Intermediate Licensure

CPR for the Health Care Provider

Good knowledge of thestreet systems,addresses and physical layout of the area, and of the rescue equipmentandtheemergencymedical equipment used inAdvancedLife Support.

Good ability to:

perform technical medical skills witha high degree of accuracy;

understandand effectivelydealwith emotional and medical needsof victimsof injuries, acute illnesses, orpsychologicalemergencies;

maintaina professionalandobjective approach to thecareof ill or injuredpersons;

learnnewconcepts inrescueandmedical skills andtechniques andinpre-hospitalcare;

performavariety oflimited mechanical work involved in the use, testingandmaintenance ofrescue andmedicalequipment;

direct theworkof,andteachotherpersonnel;

understandandfolloworal and writteninstructionsandorders;

maintain a professional attitude when representingthe Company;

establishandmaintain effectiveworking relationshipswith other employees,assistingagencies,hospital personnel, and thegeneralpublic;

driveand operateemergencyambulanceunits;and,

authorreportswithnarrativeandnumeric information.

Additionally, incumbents must maintain a high degree ofacademic andpractical knowledge inemergencymedicine,andmustattend sufficient continuing educationclasses,courses, and seminars both onand offduty to maintain annual certification,as required by thestateinwhich you willbeworking.


The work requires the incumbent to operate emergency medical vehicles, move medicalequipmentand extractinjuredpersons from a widevarietyof situations. Situation can involvevehicular,industrial and residential accidents, injuries or illness and occur anywhere in ourcoveragearea. At times theworkrequires movement overvarioustypes of terrain,(hilly,steep, rocky, rough,and/orwet/slipperysurfaces). The incumbent at all times must be able to carry or help carrysomeonefrom thesiteof theinjury to the mode of transportation (vehicle/helicopter)and attend the injured partytothe hospital. In order to perform a physical assessment of the injured party, the incumbent mustsee,hear, and communicatewiththe injured party.

Incumbents will be issuedandmust wear Companyissueduniforms while on duty; additionally, incumbents will be responsible for the maintenanceandcleaning ofuniforms, as wellasallissuedequipment.

Incumbentsare requiredtocarry a Company issued pager/radio at all times in order to receive immediate notification ofanassignment.


PaffordEmergency Medical Services reserves theright,at the discretion of the appropriate appointing authority, to waive any of the minimum qualifications for those applicantswhosegeneral or specific qualifications would otherwise qualify the applicant for the position or lead the appointing authority to believe that the applicant is capable of performing the assigned duties and fulfilling the assigned responsibilities.

Don't Be Fooled

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